Indoor and outdoor stairlifts

The growing mobility industry is changing the way people approach their later years. It used to be that in a home that had a staircase, as soon as there was a slip or fall or senior moment, someone who’d worked for years and spent practically a whole life time in a home, was whisked off to a care home or forced to move into a soulless bungalow.

Family 009

Thankfully, it’s becoming more and more a possible reality to stay comfortably and safely within a home long after old age sets in as the mobility industry grows and thing that used to cost a fortune have come down in price due to competition. Instead of being shipped off to a care home after the first accident or potentially dangerous senior moment, there are new innovative ways that make staying in the home safer for longer.

Thankfully though, more and more people are purchasing stair lifts and other mobility devises. It used to be that stair lifts were very expensive, but as more and more companies are manufacturing them now, there is enough competition to afford one.

They are even affordable to run. They don’t “eat up” electricity as many fear about electrical devices. They are actually run on batteries that simply need topping up so if there is ever a power cut, there’s no fear of not being able to get upstairs to bed or downstairs in the morning.

There is always a natural aversion to using anything that “eats up” electricity, but thankfully stair lifts don’t do that. They are actually run on batteries that just need topping up so they cost pennies to run every month so no worries about the pension disappearing into operating a stair lift. This also means that if there is a power cut, you’re not stuck at the top of the steps which would be a worry if they were not battery operated.


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